Feel like a kid again this summer with the Vue Family Ticket

Sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget to take in the little things. This summer, take the time to feel like a kid again with the Vue Family Ticket, where everyone pays child’s price.

Remember when you were a kid and the summers seemed to last forever? Camping in the back garden, board games galore, and, of course, watching all the summer blockbusters with never-ending buckets of popcorn. That’s the exact feeling we’re looking to recreate all summer long with the Vue Family Ticket, where everyone pays child’s price on every 12A and under film shown between June 20 and September 12.

There's a minimum of one adult (and we'll be keeping our eye out on fake moustaches, so don't try it), and one child or teen per ticket. The easy part is asking for the Vue Family Ticket – the hard part is choosing which one of these films to see first...

Pete's Dragon is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon

Though a lesser known tale than The BFG, Pete's Dragon also centres around friendship in the face of adversity ??? in this case it's the tale of Pete (played by newcomer Oakes Fegley) who befriends, you guessed it, a dragon whom he calls Elliot. Bryce Dallas Howard, Karl Urban and Robert Redford make up the rest of the cast, and there???s a seriously impressive blend of live action and CGI. 

See it with??? anyone who???s ever dreamed of flying around on a dragon. 

Finding Dory

After Nemo went missing in the vast depths of the ocean, now it's Dory ??? voiced by Ellen DeGeneres ??? who takes centre stage as she vies to discover the whereabouts of her parents. There is one rather important detail here though, and that's that Dory has short term memory loss. Gulp. If Nemo???s impassioned father struggled to be reconnected with his son, Cod only knows how Dory is going manage it.

See it with??? A pint-sized new Nemo fan, if just to hear them impersonating Dory???s voice for the next week. 


We all remember reading Roald Dahl's The BFG under the bedsheets with a torch in our hands, getting immersed into the fantastical, delumptious, fizzy frobscottle of a world Dahl created. But what better way to experience this remarkable, engaging tale than to do so on the big screen, brought to life by none other than Steven Spielberg? This is only the second family film Spielberg has made this side of the 21st century following The Adventures of Tintin in 2011 ??? but given this is the man who brought us E.T., you know we're in safe hands.

See it with??? chiddlers over the age of eight with big imaginations. 


Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course from Blue Sky Studios is the fifth instalment to come out of this immensely popular franchise, and yet again begins with Scrat tirelessly trying to get his hands, and teeth, on an acorn. His fervent commitment to the cause takes him as far as outer space ??? adding a science fiction element to this adventurous production. All of our favourite characters return, as Sid, Diego and Manny are yet again entrusted to save not only themselves from danger, but the planet. 

See it with??? science fiction fans of all ages. 


Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to when you're out at work all day? For many of us the evidence is left on the carpet for our arrival, but the rest remains a glorious mystery. The Secret Life of Pets brought to us by the creative minds of Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney from Despicable Me is a riotously entertaining animation that answers that very question. Boasting some seriously funny laugh-out-loud moments and the vocal talents of Louis C.K., Lake Bell, Kevin Hart and Steve Coogan, this is a film that will get the whole family giggling.

See it with... everyone from the littlest members of the family to the grandparents. This is a film for all ages.


Ask for your Vue Family Ticket today ??? and don???t forget to join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #VueFamilyTicket. 

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