Films we can’t believe came out ten years ago

A decade is a long old time, isn’t it. But didn’t the last one fly?? Here are some ten-year-olds to make you feel old.


That’s right, it’s been ten years since Christopher Nolan left us questioning whether we’re living in reality or a dream, or a dream within a dream, or a dream within a dream within a dream or what

10 years

Black Swan

A whole decade since we all marvelled at Natalie Portman’s ballet-breakdown and came out of the screen thinking hmm, maybe ballet would be a fun hobby to take up. For, like, six minutes.
10 years


The first of the feminist fairytales but certainly not the last, Rapunzel let her magic hair down ten years ago and a frying pan has been our defence weapon of choice ever since.
10 years

How to Train Your Dragon

Hard to believe we’ve only known how to train our dragons for ten years, but it’s true. Dragons’ cute-n-catlike rebrand didn’t last long though, thanks to Game of Thrones.
10 years

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

It may have come out in 2010 but Michael Cera finding out that bread makes you fat is a moment for the ages.
10 years

The Social Network

How is this film so old and does poking even exist on Facebook anymore.
10 years

Toy Story 3

Try as we might to blot it from our hearts, we’ll never forget the pain of watching Woody, Buzz and co hold hands and prepare to slide into the abyss forever. That moment of hurt (and, spoiler alert, relief) was - in case you haven’t got it yet - ten years ago.
10 years

The King’s Speech

This iconic film about a king with a speech impediment came out before Charlotte, Louis, Archie or even George were born. And isn’t it about time that Colin Firth got another Oscar?
10 years

Hot Tub Time Machine

Time travel has some interesting vessels. Cars? Yep. Phone boxes? Sure. Hot tubs? You betcha - for the last ten years at least.
10 years