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Films we can’t wait to see

There’s lots to get excited about.

Here’s a reminder about why we are so pumped for the upcoming film slate, and what we have to look forward to once our doors open again.

Variety put it rather eloquently: “by taking movies away, it can only stoke our desire for them to come roaring back.”


In ten words: Smartest horror film of the decade gets a sequel - shhhh
Why the buzz? The first film - set in a world where making a noise gets you killed - was so brilliant, and left so many questions unanswered, that we want director John Krasinski to drop some clues. But he’s staying silent. Appropriately.
Why you’ll go: Because in 2018 Emily Blunt discovered a way to kill the monsters - and then the film ended. You’ve been holding your breath ever since

2020 films


In ten words: Epic, live-action version is closer to the original legend 
Why the buzz? The Disney animated classic is getting an exciting reimagining, except it’s more like a re-reimagining. Serious director Niki Caro (she made the BAFTA-winning Whale Rider) tells the Chinese legend with a $290 million budget
Why you’ll go: Because you loved the 1998 version and now, you get to see its source material - the folk story - brought to life

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In ten words: Peter goes to the dark side and stuff gets broken
Why the buzz? Kids loved how naughty the first film was and this doubles down on that, as Peter runs away to the city and falls in with a bad bunny voiced by cult comedian TJ Miller. With Margot Robbie and Daisy Ridley, you’ve got one of the year’s coolest casts - all playing rabbits.
Why you’ll go: Because you’re never too old for super cute, talking bunnies

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In ten words: Daniel Craig’s last Bond film, kind of a big deal
Why the buzz? Nothing on earth gets people more excited than Bond, and the secrecy is a huge part of it. All we know is that Bond is dragged out of semi-retirement by his CIA friend Felix in a race to stop a villain (Rami Malik) armed with terrifying new technology. Oh yes, and Killing Eve’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge co-wrote it.
Why you’ll go: Because with Craig leaving, you know something HUGE is going to happen at the end

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In ten words: Coolest Avenger Scarlett Johansson in female-directed superspy spinoff movie
Why the buzz? Marvel are almost as secretive as the Bond folks, but we know this is set in Russia between the events of Civil War and Endgame and pits Natasha Romanoff against dark forces from her past, with a distinct John Wick vibe.
Why you’ll go: Because you’re so happy you get to see Johansson as Black Widow again, all things considered 😢 

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In ten words: DC’s iconic superhero vs the 80s, what’s not to love?
Why the buzz? Because this is the first DC film to tap into the retro pop culture side of DC comics. Looks like director Patty Jenkins has been binge-watching Stranger Things as homework.
Why you’ll go: Because if you know your 1980s comic plotlines, you’ll know that main villain Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) mind-controlled Superman into fighting Wonder Woman… just saying...

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In ten words: How I became despicable with the help of yellow creatures
Why the buzz? Because Minions are huge! Did you know the Despicable Me and Minions films are the highest-grossing animations ever? $3.7 billion buys a lot of bananas. They’re even bringing out Lego Minions. World domination is within their grasp.
Why you’ll go: To see how little boy Felonius Gru from the end of the first Minions film became grown up Gru - it’s bound to involve ray guns. And hair lose

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In ten words: Soul musician becomes just a soul after falling down manhole
Why the buzz? Jamie Foxx is Disney-Pixar’s first black leading man, the cast also features two Grammy-winning stars from Hamilton - and writer/director Pete Docter won Oscars for Up! and Inside Out. This could be another one of his makes-you-cry Pixar films. Our favourite sort!
Why you’ll go: Because it tackles the really big questions about the meaning of life - and you’ve got a free Saturday


In ten words: 30-years late sequel to the ultimate 80s action film
Why the buzz? Hard to say who’s most excited: the original fans, their 80s-loving kids or Tom Cruise, who gets to fly hundred-million dollar modern warplanes (Tom always does his own flying). Val “Iceman” Kilmer is back, Jennifer Connelly is the new female lead and John Hamm, who plays an instructor, said, “They showed me 15 minutes of footage and I left the trailer with my chin on the ground.”
Why you’ll go: To sing Danger Zone, even if that’s not in the film

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In ten words: Christopher Nolan action film - so you know it’ll be weird
Why the buzz? The man behind Inception, Memento, The Prestige and Interstellar doesn’t do basic, which is why Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John David Washington all rushed to sign up to an action epic that Pattinson (who had to read the screenplay in a locked room) describes as ‘unreal’. The plot apparently ‘evolves’ from the world of espionage across seven countries and, possibly, the space-time continuum.
Why you’ll go: Imagine not having seen Inception when that’s all anyone was talking about...

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In ten words: Female Indiana Jones on a boat? I’m down with that
Why the buzz? The great thing about films based on Disneyland rides - remember a thing called Pirates of the Caribbean? - is that the story can go anywhere you want. This starts with a 1910s treasure hunt on an Amazon steamer and gets progressively crazier from there. Should be tons of fun.
Why you’ll go: To see Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in the same film. Apparently they “started laughing the moment [they] met” 

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In ten words: 1910s prequel to the brilliantly over-the-top Kingsman films
Why the buzz? It takes the mad gun fu of the Egerton/Firth films and sets it in the time of Rasputin, biplanes and tweed waistcoats and everyone, especially Ralph Fiennes, is clearly having the time of their lives
Why you’ll go: Gemma Arterton’s character is ‘Mary Poppins on steroids’ according to director Matthew Vaughn and that is something you NEED to see

2020 films


In ten words: Not-for-kids adventures of gooey Spider-Man bad guy
Why the buzz? We seem to love supervillains even more than superheroes and this sequel, with Tom Hardy as the goo-monster and Woody Harrelson as the even nastier Carnage, has a secret weapon in director Andy Serkis – the absolute king of motion capture.
Why you’ll go: Because Venom co-writer Jeff Pinkner has said it’s ‘not impossible’ that ‘a future, slash upcoming Venom movie’ might feature Spider-Man...


In ten words: Second case for Branagh’s Hercule Poirot and his fabulous moustache
Why the buzz? Murder on the Orient Express was one of the biggest treats of 2017 and ended with a nice hint it could be the start of a Poirot film series… and it was! This is equally star-packed, with Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer and Annette Bening joining Branagh on that Nile steamer where an heiress is about to be bumped off...
Why you’ll go: French and Saunders are in it too. Let’s hope they both survive 

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In ten words: Reintroducing Roald Dahl’s best ever character, the Grand High Witch
Why the buzz? Not only is this one of Dahl’s funniest, ickiest stories, with Anne Hathaway in a really disgusting role (playing it far closer to the novel than the 1990s Angelica Huston version), but it’s also the long-awaited return to family entertainment from director Robert ‘Back to the Future’ Zemeckis.
Why you’ll go: Because, with Chris Rock as comic relief, it looks like there’ll be plenty of laughs for adults too


In ten words: Madly ambitious superhero adventure spans 35,000 years of human history
Why the buzz? This is where Marvel’s ‘Phase Four’ really gets going, with a whole new group of ten immortal heroes defending a bigger, weirder, post-Avengers world. How weird? Look up Jack Kirby’s art for the original 1970s comics. Your eyeballs will never be the same again.
Why you’ll go: Because of the epic scope, the cast (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington), the fact that it’s Marvel’s first deaf superhero and child superhero...and that’s only what we know so far.