Five Aladdin facts that will impress your mates

Aladdin’s whole new world, your whole new smug trivia category

Think you know Aladdin? Think again! Guy Ritchie has made like the genie and worked his magic on the new live-action remake; we???ve rounded up some filming facts that might just surprise you.

Game of Thrones and Aladdin have one big thing in common

The production designer from Game of Thrones created this new vision of Agrabah. Summer is coming!
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Seventy-five golden camels eat your heart out

The ???Prince Ali??? musical extravaganza features 250 dancers and over 200 extras. Just a demure, low-key entrance then.
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Listen to Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward's enchanting version of “A Whole New World,” which will be featured in the new Aladdin film.

They cleared out the local florist

Aladdin arrives on a 30 ft camel made of 37,000 flowers. Lucky they had a Genie, as flowers don’t traditionally grow in the desert.
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You’ll get a real Aladdin’s-eye-view of the city

Well... Aladdin’s waist-view at least. Parts of One Jump Ahead were filmed by a Go-Pro attached to Mena Massoud’s belt.
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They got up to some serious monkey business

Abu may be computer animated but he’s based on a Capuchin monkey - also known as ‘organ grinder monkeys’. Cute, clever and relatively distrusting of carpets.
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Now you know the facts, it’s time to see them in action: book your tickets for Aladdin at Vue now.
Aladdin is a street urchin, living in Agrabah. His life changes, though, when he is tasked with retrieving a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonder. blank


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