Five Christmas films you might not have heard of

Everybody has a tradition at Christmas, usually involving a groaning table of food, mountains of presents and arguing over your favourite Christmas movie. This year, why not go for a festive film that you’ve never heard of?

By Rhianna Dhillon

2016 has finally delivered us something special to round off the year – fantastic films to see on the big screen this Christmas. Office Christmas Party is the naughty but nice treat that every worker deserves to see with their mates, but if you fancy something more heart-warming, try Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty, out 26th December, the modern day A Christmas Carol, bound to make you feel fuzzy and warm inside. A new and very welcome Christmas tradition is the annual return of Star Wars and with this year’s thrilling Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, there has never been a better excuse to head to the pictures with your family.
Five Christmas films you might not have heard of T. J. Miller and Jason Bateman star in Office Christmas Party.
But if you’re looking for some Christmas films to watch at home because Elf isn’t going to be shown on TV this year (outrageous), then why not check out these alternatives that might not have crossed your mind?

5) The Ref (1994)

Check this out if flawed family Christmases are something you can empathise with. Starring Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary, an armed burglar takes refuge with a warring, dysfunctional family over Christmas, only to be driven mad by their bickering. Sound familiar? Expect plenty of slapstick, silliness and some dialogue that might sound a little too close to home.

4) Reindeer Games (2000)

If your Die Hard DVD has broken, then look no further than this Ben Affleck action flick. An ex-con finds himself in the middle of a casino heist after trying to get with his cell-mate’s girlfriend, Charlize Theron. Double crossing, mistaken identity, shoot outs and criminals dressing up as Santa Claus, it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than this.
Five Christmas films you might not have heard of A half-goat, half-demon figure runs riot on Christmas eve in Krampus.

3) Krampus (2015)

Adam Scott and Toni Collette head up this festive comedy-horror about a family lacking in Christmas spirit who get a visit from Santa???s alter ego ??? a half-goat, half-demon figure called Krampus, who runs riot on Christmas eve. Traditional icons of Christmas (such as killer gingerbread men) suddenly turn on the family with some hilarious and often terrifying results.

2) The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

Cary Grant exudes Hollywood charm as a flirtatious angel, more interested in the wife of the bishop he has come to save than the bishop himself (David Niven), whose numerous stresses have made him neglect his family. Highlights are a magical ice-skating duet, a self-refilling sherry glass and the most spectacular Christmas tree. If only all angels looked like Cary Grant...

1) Black Christmas (1974)

This original teen slasher movie is the ultimate festive horror, which inspired the likes of Scream and Halloween. A sorority house is the target of a deranged stalker who lives in the attic and sneaks out to pick off the girls, one by one. The murder weapons are inventive (a glass unicorn’s horn, anyone?), as are the 70s Christmas jumpers. It’s a claustrophobic thriller that will stay with you long after the fairy lights have been taken down.
Get tickets for Office Christmas Party, Collateral Beauty (out 26th December) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.