Join us on an Easter Egg hunt

How many film references can you spot?

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter Egg hunt, and we’ve got the perfect one for eager eyed film fans (and anyone trying to distract themselves from scoffing even more chocolate). If you've been to Vue lately, you'll know that when the video below plays, the film's about to start…and you're about to get lost in the big screen experience.
You might also have noticed a few sneaky film references in there, too – from familiar food and iconic objects, to legendary symbols and significant numbers. So we’ve put together an Easter Egg hunt for you to uncover them all.

Just watch the clips below and see how many you can spot ????
Our first Easter Egg is easy, breezy. But watch this clip again (maybe 28 times) and you might spot a second reference too…
There’s four more film references to spot here — and two of them are pretty tasty. Another is dirty and rotten. Are these references making you spin yet?
There are eight Easter Eggs lurking in this clip — and the signs are there from the start. Ridley Scott and John Boyega are waiting with a few more. Finally, X marks the spot for a gangster classic, and George Lucas fans should watch out for a sneaky numerical clue.
There’s a mammoth ten clues lurking in the background of this scene. Objects aren’t as they appear in this household. Watch out for some cute crockery and a close encounter with some scary artwork – you might just recognise the artist, too. Spot the *actual* Easter Egg from a camp classic and we’ll be super impressed.
So…how many did you get? The answers are below. Oh, and there’s still a few extra ones to spot on the big screen, too







Clip 1

  1. White plastic bag, American Beauty
  2. Man in green scrubs, 28 Days Later


Clip 2

  1. Turkey Reuben sandwich & ‘I’ll have what he’s having’, When Harry Met Sally
  2. Martini, James Bond
  3. Fork with a cork, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  4. Spinning top, Inception

Clip 3

  1. Gotham city hall sign. Batman
  2. A113 Pixar reference on box
  3. Silver unicorn inside, Bladerunner
  4. DOP on slate P.Parker, Spider-Man
  5. rm237 on slate, The Shining
  6. 42 on slate, Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy
  7. X on wall, The Departed
  8. 1138 on wall, George Lucas thx1138 ref

Clip 4

  1. Aladdin’s lamp, Aladdin
  2. Blue and white china tea cup, Get Out
  3. Camera at back window, Rear Window
  4. Egg on stairs, Easter egg, Rocky Horror
  5. Luxo lamp, Pixar
  6. Mickey Mouse ear plates
  7. Bowl of oranges, The Godfather
  8. Kids drawing of Devil’s peak, Close Encounters
  9. Picture Signed by Eliot, ET
  10. Plaster on back of neck, Pulp Fiction