Get your claws on a Vue Alien Super Ticket

We’re offering fans the chance to see three Alien films with just one ticket, including Alien Covenant a day before general release. Film buff Stefan Pape runs through why you should be excited for the latest in the Ridley Scott franchise.

Imagine what it must have felt like to be sat in the audience during the very first Alien screening in 1979, not knowing what to expect, and suddenly being hit with the scene where the parasite eats itself out of Kane’s ribcage. The screams, the shock, the nervous laughter; if there's one thing more enjoyable than indulging in a terrifying movie, it's doing it in the company of other people.

To mark the impending, ineffably exciting release of Alien: Covenant, Vue are offering fans the chance to get their hands on an Alien Super Ticket, which gives you the unique opportunity to see three films with just one pass.

This Super Ticket includes a special double bill of Prometheus and Alien Director’s Cut on 26th April, otherwise known as Alien Day (inspired by the planet LV-426 from the original Alien and Aliens). You’ll also get to see two teaser scenes from the forthcoming film, plus an exclusive bridge sequence between Prometheus and Covenant that can't be seen anywhere else. To top it all off, it’ll get you entry to a screening of Covenant on May 11th. That’s a day before general release.

Get your claws on an Alien Superticket

So how does Covenant tie in with the rest of the franchise? It's officially a sequel to Prometheus, so it’s another prequel to the original Alien endeavour. Noomi Rapace returns in the role of Elizabeth Shaw, and Guy Pearce is back as Peter Weyland. Interestingly, there's also room for Michael Fassbender, who, while still a droid, is now “Walter,” not “David.” The connection between Covenant and the other films is expected to be more explicit than it was in Prometheus. Will we meet Ripley's mother? How many Xenomorphs might we encounter? And do they still face-hug? (for anyone who hasn’t seen these films – that’s not as friendly as it sounds).

In the latest film, our heroes believe they’ve uncovered an unchartered paradise, only to discover there are nefarious creatures lurking in the shadows. The antagonists in the Alien films are always unknowable – they are, after all, aliens – and that’s what makes this franchise so compelling.

With that in mind, it’d be wise to catch Alien: Covenant a day before general release and avoid any potential spoilers. With Vue, you can – so get your Alien Super Ticket and get ready to re-enter this treasured cinematic stomping ground.

Head here to get your Alien Super Ticket. This gets you entry to the Prometheus and Alien: Director’s Cut double bill on 26th April, as well as the 8:30pm screening of Alien: Covenant on 11th May. Make sure you keep hold of your ticket between the screenings.