Have you ever had a Bridget Jones moment?

With Britain’s favourite singleton returning to Vue this September in Bridget Jones’s Baby, we asked our fans to share their most embarrassing Bridget-esque stories with us.

Bridget Jones. The singleton. The legend. The icon. A woman who has gotten herself into more pickles than Branston, yet we still love her.

Whether it’s falling bum-first down a fireman’s pole or falling for the wrong guy, we’ve all stumbled into an embarrassing situation and tried to style it out like Bridge… whether we managed to or not is debateable. So we asked our fans on Facebook to tell us what their most cringe-worthy #BridgetJonesMoments were, and they did not disappoint. Take a look below.

“Decided I was bored in the middle of a blind date - so I decided to escape through the toilet window. I got stuck and had to be pulled out by the fire brigade.... Oops, but I did get a date with one of the firemen which lasted longer than the blind date...”

- Carolann Kipling Hartshorne

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“I had just gotten married (this was 1987) and we were going on our honeymoon. We were on the plane heading for Tenerife, I had had a little too much to drink and the turbulence made me feel sick so I rushed to the toilet [...] I flung open the toilet door throwing up right into an old lady’s knickers and tights. I didn't even look up, I ran back to my seat and threw my jacket over my head (and hid for the rest of the journey) whilst the stewardess ran past me with a bucket and mop! I have never been so embarrassed in my life. If the lady whose knickers I threw up into is reading this, I do apologise but the door was not locked and I could not stop it.”

- Lorraine Carole Pearson
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“In my very senior manager’s absence I was asked to attend a very serious meeting filled with lots of very senior, serious (predominantly male.... standard) managers. I was given lots of prepping, however she omitted to tell me not to pull a pair of lacey pants out of my handbag instead of a tissue to blow my nose.”

- Victoria McBride

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“One of many but... Eating the little sweetie offered to me in Carnaby street only to find out it was actually soap....and still trying to look cool as I made ‘cat chucking up fur ball noises’!”

- Gill Tripp
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“I channeled my inner Bridget Jones at a Spice Girls concert. I had popped to the loo and on returning encountered none other than Mr. David Beckham carrying Brooklyn out of the concert early to avoid the rush. Brooklyn had foam ear protectors on and David Beckham was looking very Mark Darcy (you know what I mean). I knew I'd need to think of something clever, witty and hilarious to say. So I said, pointing at Brooklyn’s very cute toddler ears, 'Posh's singing isn't that bad is it that the poor mite needs those?'... David was briefly taken aback but did grin as he legged it past me to make good his exit! Clever? Witty? Hilarious? More like Bridge sliding down the infamous fireman pole... to red faced oblivion”

- Michelle Fleming

Have you ever done a Bridget? Share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter using #BridgetJonesMoments to join in the conversation.





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