Hey Hollywood, these badass super-women deserve a film too

Wonder Woman is every feminist geek girl’s favourite, but she’s not the only heroine we want to see on the big screen. Here’s the six female superheroes whose names we want to see in lights

 By Lauren Mitchell


It’s been 12 years since we’ve had a female-led superhero movie, but with Wonder Woman lasso-ing into Vue on June 1 that’s all about to change. One of the first and oldest female superheroes, Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince) was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1941 to show girls that women didn’t need to lack strength, force and power. Take a look below to see the six female superheroes we think should follow in Wonder Woman’s footprints.

She Hulk


Jennifer Walters gained her powers after a life-saving blood transfusion from her cousin, Dr Bruce Banner, better known as The Hulk. Although it’s not easy being a green-skinned woman of Amazonian proportions, Jennifer chose to stay permanently in her She-Hulk form because of the confidence, and assertiveness that it gives her. And she doesn’t just fight crime as a superhero, oh no. She-Hulk also fights crime as a high-flying lawyer, making her two times greater than her cousin.

Miss Marvel

Ms. Marvel 

Okay, so technically the first Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers (now Captain Marvel) is getting her own film but we specifically mean Kamala Khan. Apart from a deep love for Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel has little in common with her namesake. She’s a teenage, Pakistani-American Jersey girl with a giant teleporting dog sidekick. She’s the first Muslim character to headline her own series in Marvel history too. Plus, she’s endorsed by Barack Obama. How cool is that?



Zatanna Zatarra is not just an illusionist, she’s an actual sorceress. Daughter of magician Giovanni Zatarra and Sindella, a mystical Homo Magi, Zatanna can conjure up any spell by speaking backwards… which is a superhero feat in itself! She’s a showgirl with entertainment in her blood, but she’s had her fair share of tragedy and darkness that makes her just as gritty as Batman.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy


Originally a brilliant botanical biochemist, Ivy is a fervent eco-terrorist out to save the world's plant life by any means necessary. From her whiplike vines to her venomous kiss, she’s the epitome of femme fatale. She’s got a human heart under all her poisonous thorns though, evidenced by the time she once saved the lives of, and subsequently adopted, 16 orphans.

Super hero, super villain… she’s just plain super. And if her Gal Pal™ Harley Quinn is getting her own movie, you better be damn sure Ivy has one.
Power girl

Power Girl 

Probably best known for her busty, letterbox-style outfit, Power Girl is Superman’s cousin from an alternate universe. One where he isn’t the only kid saved in the destruction of Krypton. How does she differ from Supergirl? Well, she’s not just a female version of Superman to start. She’s strong, opinionated, fiery, and has more personality than you can shake a stick at. Plus, there’s a mini-series in which Power Girl and Harley Quinn team up. Move over Batman vs Superman.

She ra


Come on, He-Man had his own film in 1987’s Masters of the Universe, surely She-Ra’s is way overdue? A flying-unicorn riding princess, with a giant cat companion and better headdresses than Beyonce, She-Ra is what every 80s girl wanted to be. And although this princess is super strong and faster than lightning, she nearly always defeats her enemies with her cunning and skill. Brains AND brawn – what a combination!


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