THIS is how you celebrate International Women’s Day

Absolute icons, everywhere you look

International Women’s Day is fast approaching, and you best believe that we’ve got you well and truly covered. From a literal saint to the first British woman to swim the English Channel, here’s everything coming to Vue to mark the occasion. 

Copa ‘71 – At Vue 8 March & 20 March - Book Now

What better way to kick off International Women’s Day than with a literal kick-off? Several, in fact. Told by the pioneering female footballers who participated, this is the story of the 1971 Women’s World Cup, a tournament witnessed by record crowds, only to be erased from sporting history. Crazy, eh? We’ll be showing this captivating yet shocking documentary on 8 March and 20 March. 

Cabrini –  At Vue 15 March (Special preview on 8 March) - Book Now

Not all heroes wear capes, but this one wears a habit. This is the incredible true story of Francesca Cabrini, the Italian saint who travelled to New York City in 1889, and fought to secure housing and health care for the most vulnerable. A true force of nature! Prepare to meet this remarkable woman at a special preview screening on 8 March. But don’t worry if you miss that, because Cabrini releases nationwide on 15 March. 

Origin – At Vue 8 March - Book Now


Are history’s biggest atrocities linked? And is racism simply a deeply ingrained part of the system? It’s time to investigate, one country at a time. This biographical drama from Ava DuVernay follows Isabel Wilkerson – the first woman of African American heritage to win the Pulitzer Prize in journalism – as she seeks to answer those questions, while also dealing with her own personal trauma. 


Vindication Swim – At Vue 8 March - Book Now

As if being the first ever British woman to swim the English Channel wasn’t hard enough, imagine then having to defend your record after someone else claims to have done it before you… We’re ready to explore the story of real-life legend Mercedes Gleitze (and feel physically exhausted by proxy). This uplifting biopic will be showing all week from 8 March.