Sit down, we need to talk about Us

That???s Us: Jordan Peele???s madly anticipated follow-up to Get Out. We need to talk about it because the buzz around it is INSANE ??? and it???s not the only horror we???re excited about. With Stephen King???s Pet Sematary just round the corner and the second part of the brilliant It later in the year, we???re living in a golden age of fright films. Here are ten reasons to get excited (slash terrified) about what???s coming up.


Is like Get Out, but scarier
It???s gorier than Get Out, but it???s also funnier (director Jordan Peele is a brilliant comedian). And like Get Out, it???s got politics. Peele says it???s about how people online are becoming angry, vengeful versions of themselves.

It???s based on Peele???s own secret fear
???I???ve been terrified of the idea of doppelgangers since I was a kid,??? Peele has said. In Us, Lupita Nyong???o sees hers in a fairground when she???s a kid. When she grows up and takes her family there, her doppelganger shows up - and she???s not alone.

It will give you the cheapest Halloween costume ever
You will need: a red jumpsuit, one glove, a pair of scissors and your own face. Because in Us, you are the monster. And it???s cheaper than a Frankenstein outfit.

It???s got two of the hottest actors on earth
Winston Duke from Black Panther plays the dopey-but-tough dad and Lupita Nyong???o, also from Black Panther (and Star Wars, looking a bit less recognisable), is the terrified mum. Both play their evil selves too, so in a way that???s four of the hottest actors of earth. Jordan Peele has a cameo in it. He???s also in Toy Story 4 this June. But you???ve got to assume there???s not much similarity in the storylines.

It???s a ???watch it three times??? kind of film
Jordan Peele puts things in his films for people to ???get??? on the second or third viewing. He even said he put some ???easter eggs??? about Us into Get Out. So does that mean the two films take place in the same universe? Right now he???s not saying. One thing???s for sure: Us has a final twist you???ll be discussing all week.

It will make you scared of 90s hip hop
Turns out West Coast classic I Got Five On It by Luniz makes for a truly terrifying horror theme. You???ll never feel the same way about it again. Same goes for white rabbits, scissors and mirrors.

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The Wilsons take a family trip to their beach hut. But things aren???t as they seem. Serenity turns to chaos when they come up against their evil equals. blank


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Will make you fall in love with 80s horror
It???s not actually an 80s horror ??? it???s set in the present day ??? but it???s got an ancient Indian burial ground, a misty wood, a two-kid family moving into a new home and everything else you???d expect from a story Stephen King wrote in 1983. Including a title in that red ???Stephen King font??? you???ve seen on Stranger Things.

It will make you scared of cats
Charlie the cat gets hit by a truck and buried, then comes back ???different???. As in, demonically possessed. So what do you think happens when a kid gets buried?

It???s based on a true story (...sort of)
The 1983 novel was inspired by a real life experience when Stephen King???s son was nearly killed by a speeding truck. Spookily, King himself almost died in 1999 when a truck hit him.

It???s not the only King classic this year
In September we???re getting the second half of It, with the kids grown up and the killer clown turned into something far nastier.

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Don???t relax, it???s going to be a terrifying year...

A young family moves from the city to the countryside, only to find there???s a demonic burial ground deep in the forest behind their house. blank

Pet Sematary

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