Make your own Belle-inspired dream bookshelf with Beauty and the Beast

Everyone’s favourite bookworm returns to the big screen in the live-action Beauty and the Beast – and to celebrate, we’re offering you the chance to win tickets as well as a very special bookish prize.

Book-lovers will agree that one of the most magical Disney scenes is that moment in Beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle his gigantic antique library:
So to celebrate the release of the live-action version, out 17th March, we're teaming up with the lovely people at Ideal Bookshelf and offering three lucky winners the chance to win a beautiful hand painted illustration of their very own dream library, plus two tickets to see the scene brought to life on the big screen. Just comment on our Facebook post, telling us what your seven favourite books are and why with the hashtag #NoseStuckInABook. We’ll be picking three lucky winners on Monday 20th March.
Make your own Belle-inspired dream bookshelf with Beauty and the Beast
We're glad Disney are staying true to the spirit of the animated classic by choosing Emma Watson, Brown grad and founder of a feminist book club, to play the lead, and even updating the character by giving her a career. But it’s worth remembering that the 1991 version’s scriptwriter, Linda Woolverton – shout out the first Disney female scriptwriter ever – had to fight hard to give Belle a brain. In an early version, Woolverton wrote Belle sticking pins into a map of all the places she wanted to travel. Belle was then rewritten into a kitchen, decorating a cake. Thank God Woolverton held out and young girls everywhere got the Disney heroine they deserve.

There was no lack of love for Belle when we invited fans down to a special #VueFilmClub screening of the animated version to get ourselves in the mood for the release of the live action reboot:
I was a pretty big bookworm, so I was like ???I get you Belle! I understand your feelings and emotions!'
No matter how many times people are calling her weird she???s still very proud of who she is.
Society keeps telling us that appearances matter, and all of us keep wanting to push against that, and understanding that they don???t. But we need reminders.