“Cinema has the power to change lives” - Simon Pegg explains how the magic of film is being used to help hospital patients across the UK

We all know how much films give us a chance to escape, to walk in somebody else’s shoes. Sometimes this can be incredibly important. MediCinema is bringing the transformative power of film to hospital patients undergoing treatment for severe illnesses; patients like Sienna Dell, a four-year-old child battling congenital diaphragmatic hernia and a series of heart defects. Sienna has been through open heart surgery, life-threatening bouts of sepsis and was admitted to hospital for 20 months for artificial nutrition, a process that took 16 hours a day.

We’ve also teamed up with Simon Pegg to put together a short film that tells Sienna’s inspirational story and raises awareness of the way MediCinema helps patients in similar circumstances. Watch to find out more; you can donate when you book tickets online or in our foyers.



“We are proud supporters of MediCinema and are delighted to launch a film that raises awareness of this inspiring cause, encouraging our customers to support and donate. We’d like to thank Sienna for sharing her story with us all”.
 - Our Managing Director, Kevin Styles

“I am honoured to be a patron of MediCinema, a truly wonderful charity that brings the magic of film to hospital patients across the UK. We had a wonderful time making this short film, and sincerely hope that it encourages people across the country to support MediCinema whenever they go to see a film.”
 - Actor Simon Pegg

We have started screening films again in cinemas and it feels SO good to be back! Just as cinemas across the country have re-opened, we're beginning to welcome NHS patients back for the first time since mid-March to socially-distanced screenings at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary and Newport’s Serennu Children’s Centre.

We all appreciate now what it feels like to be isolated - but this hasn't changed for those in hospital. While we are working with our other partners to reopen the MediCinema screens it is wonderful to see patients being able to watch films such as Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Pixar's Onward, giving them the opportunity to share the magic of a film away from the regular hospital environment.