Balthazar Bratt: meet the new baddie on the block

He’s evil, he’s voiced by a comedy genius and he can rock a pair of fingerless gloves. Here’s everything you need to know about Despicable Me 3’s villain.

By Kate Solomon.

There’s a new supervillain in town and he looks like he’s stuck in a time warp – probably because he is. Meet Balthazar Bratt, the moonwalking, bubble-blowing ‘80s throwback making Gru’s life a misery in Despicable Me 3. Voiced by Trey Parker of South Park and Book of Mormon fame, there’ll be more than one joke that flies over the kids’ heads and straight into parents’ funnybones, we have no doubt.

But just who is this bemulleted baddie? We’ve compiled a dossier of the essential info for you – don’t turn up to Vue unprepared.

NAME: Balthazar Bratt

AGE: 44

OCCUPATION: Supervillain hell bent on taking over the world

PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS: 80s child star – Bratt played the lead character on Evil Bratt, a mega successful TV show about a pint-sized villain hell bent on taking over the world

Balthazar Bratt: meet the new baddie on the block
DESCRIPTION: Hard to miss. The suspect has thinning black hair styled into a high-top mullet that is approximately 25 years out of date, and a handlebar mustache that is approximately 30 years out of date. His preferred style is that of his televisual alter ego, Evil Bratt: purple power suit, fierce shoulder pads, white polo neck

ENEMIES: Gru and his newly-discovered twin brother, Dru

WEAPONS: Expanding bubblegum, Rubik’s cube knockout gas, diabolical keytar
Balthazar Bratt: meet the new baddie on the block
SIGNATURE FIGHTING STYLE: Excels at deadly dance fights – do not allow him to moonwalk away

BACKGROUND: One of the biggest child stars of the 80s, Balthazar Bratt has been off-radar since Evil Bratt was cancelled in 1987. The reason for cancellation, despite massive popularity and multiple awards, was Balthazar’s burgeoning puberty. He could no longer read lines without his voice breaking and thus became a laughing stock, in spite of his multiple Kids’ Pick Awards for Heart-Throbbiest Leading Actor.

The cancellation left the actor embittered and desperate for respect. Stuck in arrested development, he is living out the plot of his own long-cancelled TV show, set on total world domination so that no one can make fun of him any longer. He resurfaced this year to steal the world’s biggest diamond. His catchphrase, “I’ve been a baaaad boy”, has never been truer.

Catch Balthazar Bratt in action in Despicable Me 3, out 30th June – stay tuned for tickets.