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Have a listen: here’s the best music coming to the big screen

You’ll usually find music journalist Kate Solomon in The Guardian or Time Out, talking about the hottest new tracks – so we got her to listen to music coming to the big screen and pick her favourites, just for you. Here are Kate’s top must-hear moments.
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There’s something cinematic about even the lowliest pop song - walking home in the rain with your headphones on, who hasn’t pretended to be starring in a film of their life? - but there’s something extra special about experiencing music that fits perfectly with the emotions and images of a story you’re invested in, hearing it as loud as is good for you, surrounded by people feeling the same feelings. That’s why the cinema is such a great place for music fans.

Now shh, it’s starting... 

Last Christmas

When George Michael wrote Last Christmas, he wrote the greatest Christmas song of all time. Will Emma Thompson’s film inspired by the song manage to live up to its musical heritage? You gotta have f-f-f-f-faith. In Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke’s character is trying to recover from an illness with the help of a job as a Christmas elf and a meet cute with Henry Golding. Other George Michael classics are set to make an appearance on the soundtrack as well as, supposedly, some unreleased songs - and you can never have too much George Michael on a soundtrack if you ask me.

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I wouldn’t describe this story of a magical Yeti lost in Shanghai as strictly music-focused but I am intrigued by the use of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way in the trailer - and when the kid in the picture starts playing it on her violin, magic happens around her. That doesn’t often happen when I pick up the fiddle.

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Charlie’s Angels

Pop scion and voice of a generation Ariana Grande has curated the soundtrack to this feminist reboot of Charlie’s Angels - the first song features her, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey so you just know the whole thing is going to sound as huge as the names on the back of the CD.

Charlie's Angels is out 29 November, find out more here


Hope you’re excited to be singing whatever the sequel to Let It Go is for the next eight solid months, because I am! "There is a song that is not as anthemic as Let It Go,” Kristen Bell said recently. “It’s a little more of a ballad. But I will tell you that it has been stuck in my head since the moment I heard it. I've been singing it to my daughters since the moment I heard it and they sing it back to me." So, y’know: it’s about to take over.

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Watch the lyric video for Into the Unknown below.


Pop the confounding storyline about cats deciding who gets to die (??) aside for a sec and consider how great Cats’ iconic songs are going to sound on a cinema sound-system. Also, Jennifer Hudson belting out Memory? Jason Derulo swaggering about as Rum Tum Tugger? Taylor Swift living her dream by cosplaying as a cat?

Cats is out 20 December - find out more here.