What's On The Menu at Vue?

These film characters have been asking…

There’s only one thing better than settling down to watch a film on the big screen and that’s settling down to watch a film on the big screen with LOTS OF TASTY DRINKS AND SNACKS. And we don’t just mean popcorn and pick’ n ’mix, either - although, yes, we have those too. 


It’s basically a vending machine… but a lot more fun. And way more creative. You can mix over 100 flavours at the touch of a screen. Make something delicious. Make something weird. Make something you’re pretty sure nobody has ever made before. And then slurp it down to the latest blockbuster.

NOW AVAILABLE: we’ve got two new exclusive flavours that make the perfect pairing with your preferred snack. Got a sweet tooth? Or is savoury your fave? Just choose “sweet” or “salty” at select venues to get the ideal Coke to go with your popcorn.

Make a date with your perfect pair: check out what’s on and book 

It’s your chance to help us decide on a new flavour… whichever ends up being your favourite at the end of our little experiment will be added to our freestyle machines.

Coke Freestyle


Ah, Doritos Nachos: crunchy and melty in all the right places. Perfect for sharing, or for having all to yourself. Just perfect, basically. And they’re so versatile, too: Chilli Heatwave, Tangy Cheese, Lightly Salted…



It’s a dessert you can slurp - what more could you want? - and it’s very much on our menu in all its sweet and creamy glory. 

We’ve got indulgent Chocolate, juicy Strawberry or classic Vanilla. And then, there are the mouthwatering toppings: Crunchie, Oreos and Dairy Milk. Thirsty yet? 



They’re fresh, they’re hot and they’re ready to be chomped. You can go classic, you can go cheesy, or you can go fiery. Like, firecracker fiery. Check it out:



Sometimes you come to us because you really want to see the latest film in your favourite franchise and sometimes you come to us because you really want a…Tango Ice Blast. Hey, fair enough: they are damn tasty. 

As most of you probably already know, these beauties come in three fruity flavours: raspberry, cherry and orange.

Tango Ice Blast

… and then there’s still popcorn, pick’ n ’mix and all the classics, of course. So you’ll want to rock up to your local Vue hungry. Just try not to finish everything before the film starts…