One more chance to catch 2019’s biggest and best theatre

Back on the big screen for one night only!

We’ve been spoiled rotten with NT Live productions in 2019, with the buzziest, best and most sought after plays making their way to our big screens. In fact, some were so sought after that tickets were like gold dust.

The curtain may have fallen on these four must-see plays but we’re giving you another chance to see them in the new year. Each production is back for one night only so get those booking fingers at the ready: here’s what’s coming up.

NT Live: All About Eve - back at Vue 9 January 2020

Who???s in it? Only Gillian bloody Anderson, set to be usurped by Cinderella herself (Lily James).
What???s the story? It???s the age old story of the grande dame unseated by the wide-eyed ingenue she mistook for a fan. 
Why should I see it? With the innovative Ivo van Hove directing, this is a dazzling and inventive retelling, focusing on our infinite obsession with youth, celebrity and glamour - prescient themes in today???s social media-filled world.

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Best of NT live 2019 NT Live: All About Eve

NT Live: All My Sons - back at Vue 27 January 2020

Do I know anyone in it? The legendary Sally Fields and Casper’s dad/Independence Day POTUS Bill Pullman.
What’s the story? In post-war America, Joe and Kate are held up as poster children for the American Dream - but it turns out they’re living in a house of lies and everything’s about to come tumbling down around them.
Why should I see it? All My Sons was Arthur Miller’s last ditch attempt at success (spoiler: it paid off) and this was an absolutely HUGE production with some astonishing performances from its stars.

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Best of NT live 2019 NT Live: All My Sons

NT Live: Small Island - back at Vue 30 January 2020

Who’s in it then? A company of 40 actors, which should give you some idea of the size of this epic production.
What’s the story? The tangled histories of Jamaica and the UK are picked apart by following three intricate stories full of yearning for new lives.
Why should I see it? It’s a towering production based on Andrea Levy’s award-winning novel - as well as that epic cast, there are 50 scenes in the first act alone.

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Best of NT live 2019 NT Live: Small Island

NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy - back at Vue 6 February 2020

Any big names in it? There are just three actors in this one - Godfather of the West End Simon Russell Beale, The Crown’s Ben Miles and Tony-nominee Adam Godley. Directing the action is Sam Mendes, who’s known for his murky takes on traditional stage musicals (not to mention epics like American Beauty, Skyfall and the upcoming 1917).
What’s the story? Remember in 2008 when the Lehman Brothers bank collapsed and the world was thrown into the biggest financial crisis in history? The Lehman Trilogy is about that - the family drama behind the company, the adrenaline rush of high stakes trading and everything that led to their downfall 163 years later.
Why should I see it? So many reasons. Es Devlin’s gorgeous set design (you might recall her incredible Carmen set), the mesmerising acting (each actor switches ages and genders multiple times throughout); and the fact that it’s the story behind a piece of living history. Unmissable!

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Best of NT live 2019 NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy