Our guide to the stars of Spider-Man: Homecoming

They're young, talented and set to be pretty big deals. Meet the cast of the new Spider-Man film.

The franchise has been given a fresh start with the latest Spider-Man reboot – and that means an exciting new cast made up of a host of up-and-coming faces. You may not have seen them before; but you'll definitely be seeing them again...

Tom Holland - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Witty, humble, endearingly awkward, an accomplished gymnast… Short of being born and raised in Queens, Tom Holland practically is Peter Parker.

Although he’s only just turned 21, Holland has been in the business for seven years, performing the lead role in the West End production of Billy Elliott and appearing in The Impossible opposite Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.

His brief-but-memorable appearance as Spidey in last year’s Captain America: Civil War was the most authentic portrayal of the webslinger to date and in the process turned him into an instant household name.

With at least two more appearances in the red-and-blue suit assured, and a starring role in the upcoming film adaptation of PlayStation hit Uncharted, Holland’s star is in ascension.


Zendaya - Michelle

Although Spider-Man: Homecoming marks her first appearance on the big screen, Zendaya is already a big deal. Not only is she a regular face on the Disney Channel, where she’s won awards for her title role in K.C. Undercover, but she’s also an accomplished dancer and singer, having released her first album aged just 17 and coming second place on the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars.

In Homecoming, her character Michelle is a straight-talking intellectual who prides herself on being a loner, although she’d grudgingly consider Peter and Ned her acquaintances. Just don’t call them friends.


Jacob Batalon - Ned Leeds

In stark contrast to his co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya, Jacob Batalon is genuine newcomer, having only started in ultra low-budget comedy horror North Woods before being cast as Peter Parker’s best friend and confidant Ned Leeds.

Prior to that, he only graduated from high school two years before shoot commenced on Homecoming, so that wide-eyed enthusiasm that’s evident from his scene-stealing moments in the trailer clearly comes from a genuine place.


Tony Revolori - Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson

You’ll likely recognise Tony Revolori from his wonderfully understated performance in Wes Anderson’s brilliant The Grand Budapest Hotel. Spider-Man: Homecoming sees him in the role of Peter Parker’s high school arch-rival Flash Thompson, which will come as a surprise to anyone expecting Flash to be the musclehead jock he’s usually portrayed as. Revolori’s Thompson, then, is a smug rich kid who looks down on the talented-yet-hard up Peter.


Laura Harrier - Liz Allan

Perhaps the most surprising exclusion from Spider-Man: Homecoming is Peter Parker’s perennial love interest Mary-Jane Watson. Instead, the object of Parker’s affections is Liz Allan, who first appeared in Spidey’s comic debut way back in 1962. This incarnation of Liz is played by Laura Harrier, a model and actress who had a minor appearance in the Anna Kendrick musical The Last 5 Years, so this has every chance of being her breakthrough role.

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