Relive these big screen worthy film scenes

And get ready to be amazed again

After a year (or thereabouts) of watching films at home, we’ve started getting very excited about getting back to experiencing films the way they were meant to be seen.

There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a screen that’s too big for your eyes and fully losing yourself in a story - every film has that breathtaking moment but do you remember seeing these iconic big screen moments for the first time? Let’s stroll down memory lane - and get excited about what iconic big screen moments await us as Vue opens back up.

Captain America being worthy to lift Thor’s hammer - Avengers: Endgame

C’mon, admit it: you thought Thor was a goner at this point, and when his hammer came barrelling out of nowhere you couldn’t stop yourself going “OH MY GOD”. And when the camera swung round to reveal Cap holding Thor’s hammer - it’s ok, you can tell us - you let out a cheer.

“No Luke, I am your father.” - Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

It’s probably the most famous film clip of all time, but there was a time when you didn’t know who Luke’s father was - there was a time when no one knew who Luke’s father was. Finding out in a hushed screen, Luke cowering one-handed and dealing with that bombshell... phew. You don’t get to experience moments like that very often.

The Sunken Place - Get Out

The terror of paralysis. The sound of a teaspoon clinking in a teacup. Being cast into the sunken place. These are the things of our nightmares after Daniel Kaluuya’s phenomenal performance in Get Out: do you remember the collective chill that went through the screen? You don’t get that at home.

“Welcome to Jurassic Park” - Jurassic Park

Dr Grant’s first proper look at Jurassic Park is our first proper look at Jurassic Park. We all felt that sheer disbelief and wonder as the music swelled and the camera pulled back to reveal giant brachiosaurus wading through the lake - you don’t get the same effect when your doorbell rings halfway through the scene. Ahh, back when it was all fun and amazement, before any of the main characters got eaten.

“I’ll be right here.” - E.T.

Some of us can’t even think about this scene without welling up: seeing it on the big screen for the first time with the heartbreaking music swelling in our ears equalled full-on sobs. ????????

Running through the trenches - 1917

You can barely breathe let alone look away during this incredible one-shot war scene in 1917. Now imagine it’s all you can see, all you can hear and all you can think about: the explosions rattling your bones as your fingers dig into the armrest. That’s the power of cinema.

Hallelujah Mountains - Avatar

There are some moments you couldn’t even imagine before you saw them on film and the reveal of the Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar is one of them. Breathtakingly beautiful and completely original - and you get no better view of them than on the big screen, the height and danger as you realise the sheer wobbliness. Phew, think that’s our collective vertigo kicking in.

Bullet time -The Matrix

Neo defying all laws of time and gravity to dodge bullets is one of the most iconic film moments of the 90s. It might seem a little dated now but that’s only because so many others have adopted the concept: If you’ve only ever seen it on a small screen then you can’t truly appreciate how mind bendingly amazing it was that Neo didn’t get instantly killed. And when Trinity comes in at the end to say, “Dodge this.” *WILD APPLAUSE*

Outrunning a boulder - Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

From the sweat-dripping tension of Indy swapping out a bag of sand to the sheer adrenaline of him being chased by a gigantic boulder (among other stressful occurrences), audiences went through an intense number of emotions when they first saw that boulder bearing down on them from the big screen. Exhausting just to think about.

The Circle of Life - The Lion King

We all love a royal baby and none has ever been announced so majestically as Simba - no offence to Prince George, but it’s true. The sun rising over the Pride Lands as the animals wake to a new future leader, Rafiki thrusting him aloft, the Circle of Life reaching its majestic climax: what a moment. Seeing it on the big screen is the closest thing we have to being there.