Signs you’re still plugged into The Matrix

This feels familiar…

You frequently question your own existence

Ever just stare into space at work and wonder if this is all part of a twisted computer simulation and you???re actually sleeping in a pod of jelly with a massive tube stuck in the back of your head? You???re not alone.
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You can’t look at a black cat without getting a bit nervous

Better run, there’s a glitch in The Matrix and a bunch of agents are probably on their way to stuff a worm in your belly button ????
Matrix article It???s déjà vu???again!

You’ve tried to bend a spoon with your mind at least once in your life

And you were disappointed when it didn’t work too.
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You wish you could pull off head-to-toe leather

Slicked back hair, floor-length coats, shades at night - super cool in The Matrix, bit creepy IRL
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You’re still holding out for instant learning to be invented

We fully expected to be foreign language experts by now tbh
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You???re 100% ready to re-enter this world

You don???t even need to be given a choice. The Matrix: Resurrections is your destiny???

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