Six Tom Cruise films we can't wait to see

From the imminent to the rumoured, here are six Tom Cruise titles we’re looking forward to watching on the big screen.

By Mike Atherton 

There’s a reason that Jack Reacher’s Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in film. Over the years he’s dipped into comedy, horror and award-winning drama. Of course, everyone knows he’s most comfortable running away, from or towards danger:

If Tom’s not flipping his plane upside down, clinging to the side of a train or slipping down the surface of one of the world’s tallest buildings, then he’s just not happy. So let’s take a look at how he’s going to make our jaws drop over the next year.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The ex-military cop is back, once again drawing a straight line from problem to solution while punching anyone who gets in his way. This time around, Reacher has to prove the innocence of fellow soldier Cobie Smulders, who’s been accused of espionage. If you loved the first film then you’re in for an even bigger thrill ride with this one.

Out now. Get times and tickets here.

The Mummy

A rare step into the supernatural for Cruise. This rebooted action-fest follows the Hollywood trend of expanded movie universes, but instead of superheroes, The Mummy will bring back classic Universal Horror monsters like Frankenstein’s creation, the Wolf Man and even a new Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Out 2017.

American Made

Cruise stars as Barry Seal, a real-life pilot/drug smuggler who was recruited by the CIA to run one of the biggest covert operations in US history. Tom was once considered for the lead in Goodfellas, so next year’s crime thriller gives the actor a chance to finally step into a similar role.

Out 29 September 2017.

Luna Park

Tom leads a crazy heist as a group of disgruntled employees decide to steal a priceless energy source that’s located…on the moon! We’re pretty excited about Cruise taking another stab at Sci-Fi. Here’s hoping that it’s something along the lines of Edge of Tomorrow meets Oceans 11.

Out 2018.

Top Gun 2

Maverick is back! Well not quite yet, and while this isn’t 100% confirmed, it does seem that everyone involved wants to make it happen – and no one wants it more than the fans. With no Goose this time out, will it fall to Val Kilmer’s Iceman to play wingman to one of Cruise’s most popular heroes? We can’t wait to get back on the Highway to the Danger Zone.

Out 2018...hopefully.

Mission: Impossible 6

Cruise has once again agreed to accept a globe-trotting, everything-exploding mission. The stakes were raised ridiculously high in the last film, which saw Tom clinging to the exterior of a plane during take off, so it’s going to be a tall order to top that. Light the fuse; cue the theme tune!

Out 2018.