Grabbing your favourite snacks just got easier

Because the big screen isn’t the same without them

Unbeatable picture quality. Immersive surround sound. An ultra comfy seat. And popcorn the size of your head. Your favourite snacks are all part of the big screen experience...and we’re making it even easier for you to get your hands on them.
The next time you visit Vue Bury the Rock, Croydon Purley Way, Darlington, Glasgow St Enoch, Harrow, Romford or Staines you’ll notice something a bit different. You no longer have to go up to the tills to order your snacks. Simply use our brand new Snacks and Seats Screens - they’re a quick and easy way to buy your food, drink and tickets. You just select your snacks from the screen, get them from the collection point and you’re ready to go.
Snacks and seats
Fancy spreading your snack wings? Our screens make it easy to see everything Vue has to offer. You might be surprised by how much there is. Swap your usual milkshake for a soda. Perk yourself up with a coffee – or relax into the film with a chamomile tea. Nachos? We’ve got more flavours than Christopher Nolan has plot twists. A fan of the classics? We got you covered with hotdogs and plenty of sweet or salty (us? we like a mix) popcorn. Plus you can see the whole array of toppings and flavour options to choose from - so you can take your ice cream, hot dogs and nachos to the next level.

Welcome to stress free snacking. Enhanced cleaning measures are in place and all screens will be regularly disinfected. So if getting ready for the big screen experience with the kids in tow has you feeling like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, our Snack and Seats Screen is designed to make things as simple as possible. And if you’re the kind of person who rocks up just before the opening credits roll (hey, no judgement) you don’t have to choose between queuing for snacks or missing the start of the film. Just pick your munchies, collect them and head straight to your seat.
Snacks and seats
So see what’s on at your local Vue, book a ticket online and try it out for yourself. Select > Collect > Enjoy. Grab us some popcorn while you’re there, yeah?