What to watch with the family this summer

New releases and all-time classics

Nothing beats being a kid during the summer holidays and having months of freedom ahead of you - and we’ve got plenty of brand new kids’ films to catch on the big screen while school’s off. 
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You can check out what’s showing below; first, though, we wanted some recommendations from bloggers Sally and Flea, the mother-daughter duo behind Who’s the Mummy?, on classic kids’ films to watch over the summer holidays. Here’s what they said:

When it comes to the summer holidays, I’m with Dr Seuss, who wrote that you can still have lots of good fun that is funny – even when the sun is not sunny (or when the sun is in fact too sunny to bear.)

The key is having a supply of good family movies that will keep the kids (including the really big kids) happy. So today, Flea and I are sharing with you ten all-time favourite kids’ films that should be on your summer hols watching list. 

Summer holidays films Sally and Flea from Who's the Mummy? blog

Sally’s Top 5

Goonies: I’m honestly not sure I can be friends with someone who doesn’t love The Goonies, and can’t do the Truffle Shuffle on demand. It’s a perfect adventure story for kids and tweens.
Summer holidays The Goonies
Big: It’s a classic, and after watching you can spend the rest of the day learning the little ice cream song. Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop…

The Princess Bride: It’s my firm belief that if you don’t show your children this movie, you are failing in your duty. As you wish.

Spirited Away: This Japanese animation is a super accessible introduction to the work of acclaimed director Miyazaki. It’s magical, absorbing and touching.
Summer holidays Spirited Away
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: I think of this movie as being like a comforting blanket. Doesn’t matter how many times you sink into it, it’s always cosy and it’s such fun introducing a new generation to the magic. Alohomora!

Flea’s List

Freaky Friday: I love the new version of this film, with Lindsay Lohan, it’s really funny. Can you imagine your mum inhabiting your body and talking to your crush? Watch it with a cushion to hide when it gets too cringe!

The Fault in Our Stars: Sometimes you just need to sit on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn and cry for two hours. This is the film that will give you that.
Summer holidays The Fault in Our Stars
Back to the Future: It’s an 80s movie but it still feels really fresh and modern. I loved this film so much I asked for Marty McFly trainers for Christmas when I was 10. It’s got skateboarding and time travel, so what’s not to love?

Edward Scissorhands: I think this is the best film I’ve ever seen. It’s funny and sad and romantic and weird. Edward is an outsider who has scissors instead of hands, and the film tells the story of a family that tries to help him.
Summer holidays Edward Scissorhands
Bridge to Terabithia: This film has something for everyone. It’s sad and magical and I always love the idea of children creating imaginary worlds that become real.

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