The best milkshake scenes in film

Kelis’s may have brought all the boys to the yard but our new milkshakes are set to make your next trip to Vue a much more delicious experience.

So to prove that milkshakes and films go together like chocolate and vanilla, we’ve put together the ‘shake’s most iconic big screen moments.

By Kate Solomon


No spurned lover can help but cheer when Rizzo dumps an entire milkshake not over Kenickie’s head but right in his weaselly face. Well, if you will demand money and then threaten to break up with someone just for having a bad day – a bad day that you basically caused – then what do you expect. Sorry French.

The best milkshake scenes in film


*SPOILER ALERT* Another instance of the Revenge Shake, this time right at the end of Election. After Matthew Broderick???s hapless Mr McAllister has been forced to resign from school in disgrace and the insufferable, underhanded Tracy Flick has not only won the student council election but ended up working in Washington DC. When he sees her get into a limo, McAllister snaps ??? and with a milkshake his only available weapon, he lobs it at the sleek black car. Then runs away like a naughty schoolboy.

Back to the Future

“Lou, gimme a milk. Chocolate.” In what might be George McFly’s coolest moment, he catches the shake Lou slides down the counter to him, downs a gulp of milky courage and strides over to tell the dreamy Lorraine that he’s her density.


As things you should imbibe before a job interview go, we would heartily recommend a milkshake over a dab of amphetamines. Traditionally, sticking two straws in a shake and sipping coquettishly across the booth is an act for lovers and flirts – but in Trainspotting, drug-loving pals Renton and Spud slurp their way through a shared milkshake before Spud’s job interview. The speed he has before the interview turns out to have been a bad idea but, as far as we know, there were no repercussions from the milkshake.
The best milkshake scenes in film

Pulp Fiction

“I gotta know what a five-dollar shake tastes like,” John Travolta says to Uma Thurman who single-handedly revived the milkshake’s cool factor when she ordered one in Pulp Fiction. No one has ever looked so cool drinking milky ice cream through a straw. Although we never find out what’s gone into this five dollar shake, it wins Travolta over instantly, causing him to deem it a “pretty f*****g good milkshake”.
The best milkshake scenes in film

There Will Be Blood

Somehow the most iconic milkshake moment in film without a milkshake ever actually appearing on screen. Explaining the concept of oil drainage to the snivelling Eli, Daniel Plainview mimes and slurps his way through the metaphor. The impossibly menacing and deeply cool line utterly humiliates Eli and although we have all tried saying “I drink your milkshake. I drink it up!” out loud, none of us has ever managed to make it sound as incredible as Daniel Day Lewis.

Still, grab a straw and give it another go when you order a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla shake next time you visit us at Vue.

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