Bigger than Barbie? This international film has some serious buzz

We just had to bring it to our screens

So there’s this film that outsold BOTH Barbie and Oppenheimer in Italy last year. It’s called There’s Still Tomorrow (or, in Italian, C’è Ancora Domani), and we personally think you’ll love it. 

Want to know why we’re bringing it to our UK and Ireland screens on 26 April? Then read the conveniently informative paragraphs below and get ready to aggressively book your tickets.

Firstly, what’s There’s Still Tomorrow all about? 

Glad you asked. Set in Rome just after the Second World War, this comedy-drama tells the story of one woman’s mission to escape the traditional role of wife and mother – and her rather horrible husband. 

Determined to break the cycle of abuse, and prevent her daughter from befalling the same fate, Delia (played by newcomer director Paola Cortelles) soon finds herself in the midst of an empowering rebellion. Intriguing, right?  

Just take a look at the trailer.

There’s Still Tomorrow is a record breaker, you know? 

Yes, it was the most watched film of 2023 in Italy, and yes, that means it performed better than both Barbie and Oppenheimer at the box office. That really should tell you everything you need to know about the buzz and critical acclaim this film has received. But we’ll tell you more, anyway. 

There’s Still Tomorrow is now the third-largest Italian film in the last 10 years and one of the country’s top 10 highest grossing movies of all time. It’s also the most successful Italian film directed by a woman. Ever! 

Theres Still Tomorrow

Why’s it such a big deal? 

Well, this is actually a first for Vue. There’s Still Tomorrow performed so well at our Italian venues that we simply felt compelled to give everyone in the UK and Ireland a chance to experience it on the big screen. 

You know we love to give you a bit of variety – almost half of all the films we screen are international/non-English titles – and this was one addition we simply couldn’t resist. 

Tickets are now on sale for this must-watch Italian treat.