This Christmas, your big screen stocking is stuffed

But you can squeeze it all onto a Vue gift card!

Buddy the Elf is ready to spread some festive cheer, the Muppets are warming up their singing voices, Kevin McCallister has set his traps, and we’re prepared to passionately argue that Die Hard is definitely a Christmas film. That’s right, the most wonderful time of year has arrived on the big screen. 

But not only are we bringing back a bunch of festive classics, we’re also here to help you with your Christmas shopping… Find out more about our Vue Gift Card below. 

Now bring us some Christmas classics

Some films just have to be watched at Christmas. It’s the law. Well, it’s not actually the law, but it definitely should be considered a criminal act to forgo a viewing of Elf, Home Alone or The Muppet Christmas Carol. Want to be a truly upstanding citizen? Then you go one further and watch them on the big screen. From undisputed classics to more recent revelations, we’ve got everything you and the family could possibly want.

What’s on:

… and for a Happy New Year, grab a Vue Gift Card

Struggling for Christmas present ideas? How about a little card that has hours of big screen entertainment stuffed inside it? 2024 is gonna be yet another juicy year for blockbusters, with everything from Wonka, Snow White, Dune: Part Two and much, much more coming our way. 

With a Vue Gift Card, you can treat the fellow film lover in your life to as many of these exciting titles as you like. It just depends how generous you are, really. 

And don’t forget, we’ll also be showing hours upon hours of live music events, theatre and sport. So there’s more than one way to spoil your mum, dad, grandparents or anyone else who likes their live entertainment a little… bigger.