Top Ten: Ben Stiller characters

Our favourite characters from the star of Zoolander 2

10. David Starsky – Starsky & Hutch
Starsky is bit of a wet blanket, especially compared to his hip and loose partner Ken Hutchinson. Starsky in a drug-fuelled dance-off with Har Mar Superstar, however, is a completely different proposition.
9. Chas Tenenbaum – The Royal Tenenbaums
Chas is funny and insecure but not in the way that Stiller’s characters usually are. With Chaz, it’s a little sad and desperate and, ultimately, completely heartbreaking. The way he confides to his father – who has constantly undermined him – that he’s really struggling since his wife’s death is waterworks central, no matter how many times we watch it.
8. Hal L – Happy Gilmore
Hal is one of those nursing home attendants that you only hear about when they’re exposed by a Panorama undercover special. He’s turned Grandma Gilmore’s nursing home into a sweatshop for his own financial gain, a policy that is probably on the agenda should Donald Trump get into power in the US.
7. White Goodman – Dodgeball
Stiller is so good at playing preening imbeciles that he’s either one himself or a brilliant comedy actor. We’d put our money on the latter option. Word would have got out by now otherwise, right? Goodman is kind of like an evil Derek Zoolander but with a great moustache. And there’s the crucial difference; there’s no way Derek would cover any of his beautiful, beautiful face.
6. Tony Wonder – Arrested Development (Five episodes)
GOB Bluth (Will Arnett) is an idiot, there’s no arguing that. But the question is does being a terrible magician make him a bigger or lesser idiot? Certainly, Tony Wonder makes a case for the latter. Tony is a “great” magician and possibly an even bigger idiot than GOB, hiding in a dumb waiter until someone says the word “wonder” and baking himself into a giant sandwich so that he could “feed the troops”.
Arrested Development
5. Mr Furious – Mystery Men
This cult superhero spoof is littered with ineffectual heroes: The Shoveller (really good at shovelling), The Blue Raja (master of silverware), The Spleen (don’t pull his finger)… So it’s quite an achievement to be the least super of the “supers” but Mr Furious is just that. He gets angry. A lot. And that’s about it.
4. Derek Zoolander – Zoolander, Zoolander 2
Where to start with Derek… The black lung? The orangemochafrappuccinos? The prime rib of Micronesia? The files are in the computer? The Derek Zoolander School For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too, which needs to be at least three times bigger? Never has someone so dumb and so ridiculously good-looking been so damn lovable.
3. Tom Crooze – MTV Movie Awards
There’s dedication to your craft and then there’s Tom Crooze. Stunt double to superstar Tom Cruise, Crooze has gotten a little bit too obsessed with the main man, basing his entire appearance on him, changing his name and asking himself the important questions, like “Who is Tom Cruise? What is Tom Cruise? Why is Tom Cruise? When is Tom Cruise?” You have to give it to Stiller, his impersonation of Cruise is on the money to the point of being a little bit creepy.
2. Tugg Speedman – Tropic Thunder
The face of the hugely successful Scorcher series is everything you could want in a major star: egocentric, insecure, idiotic, vain, desperate, petty and somehow still lovable. The best thing to come out of his traumatic time in the jungle is that he finally finds someone who values his ill-judged attempt at Oscar glory, Simple Jack. Mind you, that someone is also the pint-sized leader of a band of bloodthirsty mercenaries. There’s a lesson there somewhere.
1. Tommy – Friends (The One With The Screamer)
You can’t really explain the glory of Tommy. You just need to witness it.