VUE REVIEWS: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War combines a powerful emotional core with epic action and priceless one-liners.

By Amanda Keats, reviewing from Vue North Finchley

The beginning scenes of Captain America: Civil War is very much rooted in the fallout from everything that has come before and the damage that has been done by those claiming to help. Governments are getting angry with the Avengers' flagrant disregard for borders and people who have lost loved ones in the many conflicts are looking for somebody to blame. Across the globe, many are demanding that the Avengers be held accountable – and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) agrees. He tells the others that the UN have drawn up a contract for them all to sign which will pass control over and is then disappointed to discover that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is reluctant to sign.

There's real depth in this latest Marvel offering, as the Avengers start to weigh up the moral dilemmas surrounding accountability for the powers and skills they possess. Who should have the power to decide when they should weigh in on a conflict? And who should then be held responsible when their intervention doesn't go exactly according to plan?

The struggle between Tony and Steve brings an extra layer of emotion to the film, too, as both truly believe they are doing what's right but don't want to go against the other in order to achieve it. Their friendship and loyalty is called into question as one starts to be pushed outside the law and one is expected to enforce it.

Captain America
Though the film is led by Captain America and Iron Man, it is with the supporting cast that much of the fun and intrigue lies. We get to meet Black Panther, a fascinating character, both in and out of his suit, with skills and power to rival even Tony Stark. We also get a glimpse of Tom Holland's new Spider-Man and a welcome injection of humour from a slightly starstruck – and slightly hungover – Ant-Man. And all this while Vision tries to learn to cook.

Of course, this being a Marvel film, a balance is required and directors Joe and Anthony Russo manage it beautifully. There are some stunning action pieces for audiences to enjoy, from numerous chases – in all manner of transportation! – to more intimate hand-to-robotic-hand combat.

Captain America: Civil War is great fun, combining a powerful emotional core with epic action and priceless one-liners. After all these Marvel offerings, it's still a delight learning more about these beloved characters.

You’ll love this film if you… love Marvel films and all the action, heart and silliness they bring.

Best people to see the film with... the biggest comic book nerds you know over the age of ten.

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Wind down after the film with a dessert and a drink at Ask Italian as you figure out whether your allegiance has shifted.

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