We sent our favourite pint-sized reviewer to see Storks, the action-packed, family-friendly new animated comedy from Warner Bros.

By Louis Beaufort, nine years old

As Storks begins, we hear a voice telling us that in the olden days, storks used to deliver babies. However, times have changed. People have since found other ways to get their babies, so storks have had to look for new things to deliver to stay in business. They soon realised that they could deliver regular packages, so they created an online shop called which mainly delivers home appliances to human customers.

The action really begins when the best delivery stork, Junior, is told to fire a sweet orphaned human child called Tulip, who works with the storks. Junior can't bring himself to fire her, so he makes Tulip Head of Baby Production, thinking no one orders babies anymore anyway. But then, someone does! Tulip receives the request for a new baby and she creates it using the old baby-making machine. Now, Junior has a problem: he has to help Tulip deliver the baby before his boss finds out what she’s done, and that he hasn’t actually fired her.

The main characters are Junior (voiced by Golden Globe winning US actor Andy Samberg) and Tulip (Katie Crown). On their adventure delivering the baby to the customers, a family called the Gardners, Junior and Tulip get captured by wolves, hunted down by a pigeon, blocked by guards and more.

The theme of the film is family, and Junior and Tulip’s mission to deliver the baby to the Gardners, voiced by Kelsey Grammar and Jennifer Aniston, is really emotional.

Storks is adventurous, original and it’s a very beautiful story. Overall, it was a great film, and I would recommend it to everyone, adults and children!

Storks is out now. Get times and tickets here.