Vue Reviews: The Conjuring 2

This spine-tingling sequel based on the Enfield Poltergeist will leave you feeling scared to be home alone.

By Hayley Joyes, reviewing from Vue Wood Green 

If you???re a fan of James Wan???s Insidious (2010), The Conjuring (2013) and Saw (2004), this paranormal sequel is testament to his ability as a bonafide ringleader of psychological torment. 

Those that have seen The Conjuring will remember the story of real life paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. This time the Warrens are back to investigate the supernatural goings on in Amityville, USA and Enfield, UK, while simultaneously battling their own trippy demons that are far darker than you could ever imagine. We???re talking a nun ??? and no, not a cuddly one singing gospel ballads. This nun is likely to strangle you with her rosary and her ghostly shadow has been appearing in the dark corners of my bedroom since I left the cinema. 
Vue reviews The Conjuring 2, a spine-tingling sequel based on the Enfield Poltergeist.
Wan goes straight for the jugular, opening with a scare in the first five minutes at a group s??ance where Lorraine???s chilling vision leads to a dark and recurring deadly personal premonition. But this is a plot point thrown in for extra terror and shows off Wilson and Farmiga???s natural onscreen chemistry; the real action takes place in an impoverished council house on Green Street in Enfield. It takes a hot minute to digest the slightly wonky cockney accents presented by Frances O???Connor who plays single parent Peggy Hodgson and daughter Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe), but after five minutes the accents settle and the dialect feels authentic. 

Based on a true story, the Hodgson???s ???problem??? was christened by the tabloids as the Enfield Poltergeist. To create extra tension Wan not only explores the possession of Janet Hodgson but also the criticism that came from academics and the media, who accused the Hodgson family of fabricating the supernatural event in order to get more housing benefit. 
Vue reviews The Conjuring 2, a spine-tingling sequel based on the Enfield Poltergeist.
Attempts by Wan to lull us into a false sense of security with overly sentimental sing-songs and loving gazes are punctuated with rumbling sub frequencies and long unnerving camera pans. The Conjuring 2 is so much more than spectres, this is premonition, possession and haunting like no other. Note to self, never ever touch a ouija board, that???s how it starts. And if you???re looking to buy a house in North London, avoid 284 Green Street, Enfield.

You???ll love this film if you like to be scared witless and don???t live alone.
See this film with someone who is willing to be a human pillow and will stifle your screams in their arm.
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After the film, head to Spouters Corner. Go for a strong drink and a full debrief ??? you???ll need it. 
For extra scare factor take the 121 bus from Wood Green straight to Enfield and find Green Street.