Welcome to the Quantum Vue

Quantum realm, quantum Vue... quantum you?

Ever wanted to get up close with the quantum world? Get ready to experience every detail...

The quantum Vue is NOW OPEN and it’s pretty spectacular. We've zoomed in to give you a look inside (and a sneak peek at how it was made!) with the incredible artist behind the piece, Hannah Lemon. 

The quantum Vue against a black backdrop Come on in - there's plenty of room!


Tiny popcorn! Mini Recliners! What’s your fave quantum detail?

Using a mixture of paper, foam, metal and clay, Hannah has created a mini screening room and foyer, complete with a Preview Bar fit for an Ant (-Man). Grab your tiny drink and quantum popcorn box - we're all set to explore miniature worlds on the (little) big screen!

Scroll down to catch more stunning details, and see the quantum artistry up close...


Hannah Lemon poses next to the tiny Vue cinema The talented Hannah Lemon and her quantum creation
I got lost in the world of creating miniature models three years ago, during the first lockdown, when I desperately needed to escape the reality of everyday life... I haven???t looked back since and now here I am, sharing my Quantum Vue model for film-lovers to enjoy. Just like the magic of film, miniature model making offers a chance to escape.
Close up of a tiny Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania poster on the wall of the miniature Vue What is this, a poster for ants?!
Rows of tiny recliners face the big screen The big screen experience goes quantum!


The 1:24 scale model took Hannah 120 hours to complete, and is made up of:

  • 16 super comfy recliners 
  • Over 1000 pieces of quantum popcorn
  • 200 tiny nachos
  • Dozens of miniature glasses


Can you spot them all? 

A tiny preview bar is shown with life-size popcorn for scale Perfect for when you fancy a popcorn as big as your head
Tiny details of the mini cinema - including a small ticket kiosk One (tiny) ticket for Ant-Man, please!
A top-down view of the tiny recliners - complete with nachos and drinks Quantum nachos, anyone?
Want to feel awesomely small? Experience every detail of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on the big screen at Vue. Book now.