“These are really wonderful, thought-provoking stories” - what Billie Piper wants you to know about Big Screen Theatre

Billie Piper blew critics away with her five star performance in the National Theatre’s 2017 production of Yerma. Theatre tickets sold out almost immediately, but Vue audiences got a chance to catch every detail in our live and encore big screen broadcasts.

So we wanted to know how it feels for the actors up there on the stage, imagining an audience watching on massive, pin-sharp screens: inspiring or incredibly daunting? Watch Piper’s reaction and read the transcript below.
It feels really exciting to know that people all over the UK are going to get an opportunity to watch something that I felt really passionate about.
The thought of more people seeing it, it’s sort of what you wish theatre could be like always. It’s such a small window of opportunity. So for all of my family who couldn’t get down to London, which is pretty much most of them, it just felt really great to know that they were going to get a chance to see it. It was really, really quite emotional.

It’s a great opportunity to see some really individual pieces of work.
Quite often these shows have really limited runs and they sell out very quickly – so it can be tricky to see something that you feel quite passionate about.

These are really wonderful, thought-provoking stories that won’t really get seen otherwise.
It’s all very well seeing the big film events of the year. But seeing a play, a classical play reimagined, adapted and made current is a really rare opportunity.

The thing people don’t know about big screen events...
Is that it can be a sporting event, it can be an opera, it doesn’t just have to be a play, so that’s a very new and a current idea, which just blows my mind to be honest.

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