What happened on this day in these iconic films?

Check out our calendar of movie dates

Mean Girls Day. Judgment Day. McLovin’s birthday..? There are some fictional film dates ingrained in our collective memories, and some that you might have missed. We’ve created a calendar of all the iconic events and dates from your favourite films.


1st: Bridget meets Mark at her mum’s turkey curry buffet in Bridget Jones’s Diary

12th: Hal 9000 goes online in 2001: A Space Odyssey
On This Day hub 2001: A Space Odyssey


1st: Willy Wonka opens his factory doors in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

14th: The end of the world according to a psychic called Elaine in Ghostbusters
On This Day hub Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


2nd: The Men In Black agency first made contact with aliens

24th: The day The Breakfast Club were in detention together
On This Day hub The Breakfast Club


25th: The perfect day according to Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Frasier in Miss Congeniality


19th: Jake Sully lands on the moon Pandora in Avatar
On This Day hub Avatar


3rd: The day McLovin was born in SuperBad
On This Day hub SuperBad


5th: Forrest Gump started running across America
On This Day hub Forrest Gump


29th: Judgment Day from Terminator 2
On This Day hub Terminator 2: Judgment Day


22nd: Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthday, more fondly known as Hobbit Day
On This Day hub Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring


3rd: Mean Girls Day - aka the day Aaron asked Cady what day it was

26th: Einstein the dog from Back to the Future becomes the world’s first time traveler at 1:20AM in 1895

31st: The day Harry Potter survived Voldemort’s attack

         Max lights the Black Flame candle, bringing the Sanderson sisters back in Hocus Pocus
On This Day hub Hocus Pocus


2nd: ET goes home
on this day hub ET


24th: Howard Langston embarked on his quest to find a Turbo Man for his son in Jingle All The Way
On This Day hub Jingle All The Way