Why Baby Driver is the coolest film of the summer

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Here’s film critic Chris Edwards’ verdict on the film that everyone’s going to be talking about this summer:

In Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, a young getaway driver steers his car to the sound of his iPod, barely pausing between songs in fear that things might slow down. The film behaves in the exact same way, using the foundation of a solid soundtrack to drive the narrative from one adrenaline-filled sequence to another. Here are five reasons why I think it’s the best film of the summer.

It’s classic Edgar Wright

It’s been four years since Edgar Wright’s last film The World’s End, which is about four years too long ago. With Baby Driver, the director reminds us what he’s capable of, bringing back his idiosyncratic transitioning and editing techniques that gave the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz their quick-firing edge.
Why Baby Driver is the coolest film of the summer

It does something truly unique with its soundtrack

Wright himself said he constructed the soundtrack before even deciding on a plot, and the result is a story that moves so swiftly to its music that the visuals play out like one giant dance. That’s not to say it’s anything like a musical. It’s more like a mix tape with a movie attached to it, a first of its kind that’s instantly worthy of cult status.

It’s a masterclass in sound editing

If foot-tapping tracks like Bob and Earl’s ‘Harlem Shuffle’ and Incredible Bongo Band’s ‘Bongolia’ weren’t already enough to get your earlobes flapping, the sound editing provides more than one way to enjoy the music. In various sequences, guns are practically treated like instruments as they fire in time to the beat. Listening to the characters shoot along to Focus’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ is so brilliant it’s laughable.
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There’s a great ensemble cast

I reckon a film with Kevin Spacey in it is much better than a film without Kevin Spacey in it. He’s joined by other A-listers like Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx, but there’s also some great young talent in the form of Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars) and Lily James (Cinderella). Elgort plays the main character Baby (yes, that’s his name) and holds his own alongside some pretty intimidating veterans.

The car chase sequences are exhilarating

You don’t need CGI things exploding in front of your face when the car chases are this action-packed. Baby has some pretty serious skills behind the wheel of a car, pulling off exhilarating manoeuvres like a 3-point turn, but at 200mph. Just like the film, he has no intention of taking his foot off the gas.

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