Why we love cult comedies like Bill and Ted

Totally fetch lingo, iconic fashion choices and completely made-up genres

It’s been over thirty years since Bill & Ted went on an Excellent Adventure and now, the Wyld Stallyns are back to save the world (we could really do with their help right now tbh). They’re older, they *might* be wiser (probably not) and they’ve got teenage daughters (Bille and Thea, obviously). They’re definitely most resplendent though.

So what do these two have, besides an actual time machine, that’s kept them partying on most triumphantly in our hearts and minds? Turns out, there’s a pretty solid recipe for a cult classic comedy. Here are five things that make one...

A premise you can’t believe got signed off

Why fit into a boring ready made genre when you can create your own, brand new one? Zombie Rom-Com? Go right ahead, Shaun of The Dead. Time travel adventure meets high school slacker comedy? Why not, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Either that, or they’re too chilled out to even have a proper plot — we’re looking at you The Big Lebowski.
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Most excellent lingo

Oh my god, I’m totally buggin. Urgh, as If! Most bodacious. Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. These go to eleven. Gosh! Are these phrases from Clueless, Bill & Ted, Mean Girls, Spinal Tap and Napoleon Dynamite, or just our everyday lingo? We’re not even sure ourselves at this point.
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The underdog prevails

Mathletes in Mean Girls. Socially awkward vampires in What We Do In The Shadows. Bill & Ted acing their history report. Napoleon Dynamite being….well, Napoleon Dynamite. Who doesn’t love to see a misfit triumph?
cult classic comedies

Interesting fashion sense

Cher’s iconic red dress (you don’t understand, this is an Alaia!) and plaid get-ups from Clueless. The Blues Brothers’ sharp black suits, sunglasses and fedoras. The Dude’s bathrobe from The Big Lebowski. Our favourite cult characters have given us some great costume inspiration.
Want to dress up as Bill and/or Ted? Easy - just dig out a waistcoat and your best air guitar.
cult classic comedies

They rock out

Bill & Ted can’t stop doing it. Spinal Tap do it with a replica Stonehenge statue. Napoleon Dynamite does it by awkwardly shuffling around the stage to Jamiroquai. Characters in cult comedies just love to let loose and give us a musical performance. Their endless energy enthusiasm (ok, maybe not Napoleon’s) makes us want to lose our inhibitions and bust a move too. Yes, Way!

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