Grab a pizza the action at Vue Birmingham

What’s a movie without a pizza? Grab a slice at Vue Birmingham as we run through the six most iconic and delicious pizza-related film scenes of all time.

Pizza is the greatest of all the foods, or so the gluten and dairy tolerant among us agree. So we've got good news for the people of Birmingham: we???re now selling Little Italy pizza at your local Vue. There???s no need to give yourself indigestion wolfing down dinner before your film; just sit back, chow down and enjoy the big screen entertainment. After all, pizza and film go hand in hand ??? and to prove it, we???ve rounded up the six most iconic pizza scenes from movie history. Unfortunately Spaceballs??? Pizza the Hutt didn???t make the cut; we didn???t want to put you off your food...

1. Home Alone

Would Kevin McCallister ever have ended up home alone if Buzz hadn’t eaten his plain cheese pizza? Doubtful. It’s in the chaos caused by the brothers’ fight that Kevin’s passport gets knocked into the bin, and if that passport had made it to the airport, surely at least one of his parents would have noticed they had more passports than kids. But Kevin gets the last laugh, using his VCR control skills to order a plain cheese pizza just for him.
Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

2. Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts is not averse to a slice of on-screen pizza – one of her first starring roles was in Mystic Pizza, after all – so it’s no wonder that her character fulfills the “eat” part of Eat Pray Love in Italy. There are so many mouth-watering moments in this film, but the discussion she and a friend have over a drool-inducing margherita in Napoli about muffin tops and eating whatever the hell you want... Just try to stop us ordering a pizza after that. Maybe two.
Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

3. Back to the Future Part II

Think of the time and freezer space you could save if pizzas started out the size of saucers and became delicious piping hot pies in the space of approximately three seconds. That’s where science – or at least Black & Decker – was supposed to have got us to in 2015, the year Back to the Future II is set. Sadly they have yet to deliver. Luckily, most pizza places have the delivery part down...
Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

4. Spider-Man 2


Peter Parker finds many worthy uses for his spidey-skills, but pizza fans will agree that delivering a stack of pizzas at rush hour in Manhattan is the most impressive. If he hadn’t stopped to save a couple of kids, he probably would have delivered the pizzas on time and still be working at Joe’s Pizza to this day. So probably a good job he did, then.

Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Would you eat a pizza in the sewer? If you were a teenage mutant ninja turtle, sure! The Turtles’ love for pizza knows no bounds, and the way these show-offs cut up their pies... there’s katanas, there’s commentary, there’s pizza flying everywhere, and Splinter – poor, long-suffering Splinter – takes a slice to the head.
Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

6. Stripes

We’re not saying the only reason Bill Murray’s girlfriend left him at the beginning of Stripes, thus kicking off the madcap army adventure he subsequently goes on, is because he brought her a pizza that had spent some time face down on the pavement, but we’re pretty sure it didn’t help.
Grab a pizza the action at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway