Lights down, excitement up: the big screen is back!

Watch this short film celebrating cinema’s return and try not to get excited.

It’s been a long summer but now the big screen is BACK and we couldn’t be more excited. The new releases we’ve been waiting so patiently for - Tenet! Wonder Woman! Bond! - have us all tingly with anticipation...and then there’s the comforting nostalgia of some of the greatest films ever made returning to their original size and splendour.

The #LoveCinema campaign is a celebration of the UK’s love of cinema - give the video a watch here:
We want to help you rediscover the magic of the big screen, whether you’re remembering your first ever trip or planning your next one.

So grab a Tango Ice blast, sink back into an ultra comfy seat and lose yourself in some of the best stories ever told. See what’s on here.