Six musical moments you'll want to catch at Vue

Hollywood has got some barnstorming musical moments coming up this year – and a full red carpet’s worth of superstars to sing them. Here are six must-hear films to catch at Vue.

By Kate Solomon


1. Fifty Shades Darker (out 10th February)

Two pop behemoths have, ahem, come together to create the lead track for the second steamy Fifty Shades installment. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is a sultry little number from Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik, while SIA, Halsey, John Legend and Nicki Minaj are also lending their voices to Christian and Anastasia’s sexy time. You just know these bassy future hits are going to sound huge on Vue’s sound systems. As another soundtrack contributor Nick Jonas tweeted, “I know many babies will be made to this soundtrack...” – but not in the cinema, please.

Fifity Shades Darker 

Six musical moments you???ll want to catch at Vue this year

2. Hidden Figures (out now)

Hans Zimmer has composed the music for hundreds of your favourite films, including Inception and The Dark Knight, while Pharrell is responsible for perennial earworm “Happy” from Despicable Me 2. Together they’ve written the songs and score for Hidden Figures, including the empowerment anthem that is “I See a Victory” that’s bound to leave your toes a tappin’ and a smile on your face.

Hidden Figures

Six musical moments you???ll want to catch at Vue this year

3. Beauty and the Beast (out 17th March)

The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast comes with all the best songs from Disney’s 1991 cartoon version, plus a couple of new ones. Ariana Grande and John Legend have taken over from Celine Dion (or Angela Lansbury, if you’re a purist) to soundtrack Belle and Beast’s swoony first dance – but never fear, Celine fans. She’s on the soundtrack as well, alongside everyone’s favourite nice guy Josh Groban. No sign of Angela though, unfortunately.

Beauty and the Beast

Six musical moments you???ll want to catch at Vue this year

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (out 28th April)

Considering the fact that Star-Lord opened Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2 at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, you know it’s going to be as big a part of the sequel as the first volume was in part one. Director James Gunn reckons the second mixtape will be “even better” than the first, with more classic rock clues coming in the teaser trailers we’ve seen so far. Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie have both made appearances, which we’d say is a very, very good start.

Guardians of the Galaxy


5. Blade Runner 2049 (out 6th October)

We are extremely excited about the new Blade Runner film, directed by Arrival’s Derek Villeneuve. He’s working with Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson for the soundtrack, who has a lot to live up to given the iconic status of Vangelis’ score for the original film. But given that the music Johannsson wrote for the Arrival soundtrack is suitably dark with overtones of dystopia and just a vague hint of hope, we’re expecting good, existentially upsetting things.

Blade Runner 2049

Six musical moments you???ll want to catch at Vue this year

6. The Greatest Showman (out 5th January 2018)

Musicals are about to make a comeback in this post-La La Land world, and one of the first up is The Greatest Showman. Telling the story of famous circus founder P.T. Barnum, Hugh Jackman is joined by Disney-channel alumni for an all-singing, all-dancing circus extravaganza. Zac Efron will be channelling his High School Musical roots while future pop star Zendaya has loads of potential. With Tony-nominated songwriters on board, you can bet there’ll be a bop or two.

Tickets coming soon; head here for more details on The Greatest Showman.

Six musical moments you'll want to catch at Vue this year