What to watch this Halloween at Vue

It's that time of fear...

Ramp up the scares and screams this Halloween and watch one of these on the big screen.

Has Jigsaw returned from the grave...?

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out from behind the sofa, fearsome killer Jigsaw seems to have returned from the dead with a whole host of vicious new ways to part your blood from your veins. The rules to his games may be simple but winning never is...

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Halloween films to watch at Vue

Do you believe in life after death after death after death?

Teens have it tough in the horror genre but most only have to die once - Tree is not so lucky in Happy Death Day, when she’s forced to relive the day of her murder over and over again like a twisted Groundhog Day. A tense but fun slasher to squeal through with your mates.

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Halloween films to watch at Vue

Back to haunt us again

Kubrick's masterpiece is the perfect big screen adventure for fans of the classics looking for a Halloween fix. Come visit the historic Overlook Hotel and get lost in its long, winding corridors. Journey through its labyrinth; befriend a pair of twins. Don’t forget to descend slowly into madness....

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Halloween films to watch at Vue

Fancy some fava beans and a nice chianti?

Just thinking about Anthony Hopkins in this is enough to send shivers down your spine. Possibly the most disturbing game of cat-and-mouse that’s ever graced the big screen.

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Halloween films to see at Vue

Cold case

We can’t get enough of scandi-noir and this is a murder mystery that will chill you to the bone. Michael Fassbender is the perfect mix of grizzled and desperate as detective Harry Hole, on the trail of a killer known only as The Snowman.

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Halloween films to watch at Vue

Get your hiking boots on

You’d think a nice hike through the Swedish mountains with some old uni mates would be a wholesome get-away but not in The Ritual, where the interior drama of the group is just as unsettling as the brutal, Blair Witch-esque horror they’re about to encounter.

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Halloween films to watch at Vue

Spend a few hours in a dark room with Pennywise...

We’re not sure what could possibly scare you more than this puffy-sleeved, big headed clown, but whatever it is, Pennywise will transform into it before your very eyes. Make sure you catch It on the big screen if you want to experience it at its most terrifying.

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Halloween films to watch at Vue