Sneak a peek at the new Glasgow Vue

It’s a good 'un… and it’s opening soon

Film fans in and around Glasgow, it’s time to get excited. We’re opening a brand new venue in the Glasgow St. Enoch Centre, and boy is it a goodie. From luxury leather recliner seats to a premium bar and the best screens and sound around, it’s set to be the ultimate big screen experience — and means there’s now two Vue venues in Glasgow to enjoy films in.

We’re excited for you to see it — that’s why we’re giving you a little preview below.
Looks pretty good right? Here’s what you can expect when you visit…

Screens to escape in

There’s nothing like losing yourself in a great film, and there’s no better place to escape than in our brand new screening rooms. We’re talking screens so big you feel like you’re right there in the action, and surround sound that will make your spine tingle.

Recliner seats for everyone

In the all new, all Recliner Vue Glasgow St. Enoch, every seat in every screen is a luxurious leather Recliner. So whether you prefer to sit upfront, snuggle down in the back row or position yourself bang in the centre, you’ll be able to enjoy the big screen experience in seats you can really relax in. Warning: you might need to be coaxed out of them once the credits have rolled.
St Enoch

Next level snacks

Fancy upp-ing your snack game? As well as the classics like popcorn, hotdogs and nachos, our new venue will stock loads of exciting food and drink for you to choose from. Like ice-cream? You’ll definitely want to make a beeline for the Ben & Jerry’s counter. Or try our self serve Coke Freestyle and Tango Ice Blast Machines.

A premium bar

Whether you want to grab a quick drink before the film, or relax (and discuss that plot twist) with friends afterwards, the plush Preview Bar at Glasgow St. Enoch is the ultimate pre and post screening hang-out.
St Enoch

Touchscreen technology

Hate queuing? Our Snacks and Seats Screens are a quick and easy way to buy not just your tickets, but food and drink too — and they make it easy to see everything we’ve got to offer. Simply select your snacks from the screen, get them from the collection point and you’re good to go.

St Enoch


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