The biggest films of summer 2019

One is guaranteed to blow your mind

It???s hard to remember a summer movie slate as exciting as 2019s, with everything from remastered classics to hugely-anticipated adaptations, brand new films and blockbuster sequels. It???s almost enough to make you pray for rain???

Here are the biggest films showing at Vue up until the end of September (totally still counts as summer.)

Toy Story 4

Out 21 June
Big because: It???s the last ever chapter in the story we???ve been following since 1995. 1995!
Get excited about: Everyone???s saying it makes you cry buckets. Pretty amazing for a film about toys going on a road trip to save a spork...but that???s Pixar magic for you
How to get a friend to go: Not that they need a reason, but right now it???s got an incredibly rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The biggest films of summer 2019 Toy Story 4


Out 28 June
Big because: As a collaboration between storytelling geniuses Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, it’s a nailed-on cert for feel-good hit of the summer
Get excited about: Set in a world where only one man has ever heard of the Beatles and becomes a megastar because of it, it’ll make you fall in love with their songs all over again
How to get a friend to go: Like Ed Sheeran? He’s in it. Also some songs from this older band you might have heard of...

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

Out 2 July
Big because: It starts the next phase of the story, after Avengers: Endgame changed everything
Get excited about: The suits. So many awesome new Spidey suits
How to get a friend to go: Loads of it is set in Britain, so you might get to see your street get blown up.

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The biggest films of summer 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home


Out 5 July
Big because: Director Ari Aster is the big new name in horror after his creepy, innovative Hereditary last year
Get excited about: The ‘Wicker Man’-style witchiness as a couple and their friends visit a Swedish summer festival that happens only once every 90 years (which is probably just as well)
How to get a friend to go: It’s not in Swedish! And, unusually for a horror film, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Annabelle Comes Home

Out 10 July
Big because: 2014’s Annabelle, about a possessed doll, was a surprise mega-hit and the 2017 prequel cranked it up a notch. So this is on loads of people’s must-see lists
Get excited about: The brilliantly stupid premise, where paranormal investigators lock Annabelle in a safe room with all their other demonic artifacts. What could go wrong?
How to get a friend to go: Remember being scared of what’s under the bed? This is like that, for grownups.

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The biggest films of summer 2019 Midsommar

The Matrix

Out 12 July
Big because: It’s hard to overstate how huge The Matrix was in 1999. If any cult hit deserves a 20th anniversary re-release, this is it
Get excited about: How fresh it looks - still one of the most stylish sci fi films ever, it’s a reminder of how cinema can sometimes, out of nowhere, take a great leap forward
How to get a friend to go: Never heard of The Matrix? OK, it’s like John Wick but philosophical and Keanu’s twenty years younger.

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12 July
Big because: Not to get all film nerd, but Jaws literally invented the must-see summer blockbuster. It made a star out of Steven Spielberg and well, kind of changed the world
Get excited about: Seeing it on the big screen - perhaps for the first time? 
How to get a friend to go: This will either feel like the perfect summer treat, or put you off going to the beach for life. Let’s find out

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The biggest films of summer 2019 Jaws

The Lion King

Out 19 July
Big because: The original was the highest-grossing animation of all time until Pixar came along and remains the highest-selling video ever (it was 1994, after all) 
Get excited about: Reliving your childhood feels. And the amazing fact that the animals look real. If you showed this to someone from 1994 they’d think it was impossible
How to get a friend to go: Come on - Beyonce! Donald Glover! Circle of Life! THE STAMPEDE BIT!

The Lion King is out 19 July - find out more here

Hobbs And Shaw

Out 2 August
Big because: The Fast & Furious films are always a blast and this spin-off buddy movie (where they actually hate each other) multiplies it by ten
Get excited about: Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba as a superpowered bad guy called Brixton
How to get a friend to go: Just show them the bit in the trailer where Hobbs (Dwayne) says, ‘I’m what you call an ice cold can of whup-ass.’

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The biggest films of summer 2019 The Lion King

Pulp Fiction

Out 7 August
Big because: From the soundtrack to the fashions and the Oscar-winning script, this is the ultimate 90s cult film. Every single person who watched this in 1994 came out cooler than they went in
Get excited about: Royale with cheese. Winston Wolfe. Dancing at Jackrabbit Slim’s. The gold watch. Uma Thurman’s bob. Seeing it all on the big screen like it’s the first time...
How to get a friend to go: Dress up as Uma or John and get a shake on the way home.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Out 14 August
Big because: It looks to be Quentin Tarantino’s coolest film since Pulp Fiction (above), set among failing actors in 1969 LA with a style only he could pull off
Get excited about: Literally the best cast of all time in Leo, Brad, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino and a dozen more big names dressed in stupendous 60s styles
How to get a friend to go: Remind them it’s Quentin’s ninth film and he’s only making ten.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out 17 August - find out more here

The biggest films of summer 2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Out 16 August
Big because: The built-in audience is 1) everyone who ever watched Dora the Explorer, 2) their parents, and 3) anyone who misses Raiders of the Lost Ark. So pretty much everyone
Get excited about: The far funnier-than-you-expect script, proper action and Isabela Moner who’s 17 and well on the way to being a megastar
How to get a friend to go: It’s Jumanji plus high school crushes and who could resist that?

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is out 16 August - find out more here

It: Chapter 2

Out 6 September
Big because:
More than big. IT is huge. The trailer for the first film snagged 197 million views in 24 hours. And you know all those people need to see how it ends
Get excited about: The cast. Who knew the kids from the first film would grow up to be Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader? Although, if Pennywise has anything to do with it, they won’t be growing much more
How to get a friend to go: Tell them if they don’t, the clown in the drain will get them

It: Chapter 2 is out 6 September - find out more here

The biggest films of summer 2019 It: Chapter 2

Downton Abbey

Out 13 September
Big because: Superbowl excepted, Downton Abbey was the most-viewed TV show in America four years in a row. It was pretty popular here too, you might have noticed
Get excited about: Now it’s on the big screen, the story gets bigger - with a royal visit and the king’s butlers throwing their weight around downstairs
How to get a friend to go: Remind them it might be the only time they’ll ever get to see Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess delivering a quippy one-liner on a huge cinema screen.

Downton Abbey is out 13 September - find out more here

The Goldfinch

Out 27 September
Big because: Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-prize winning novel was supposed to be ‘unfilmable’ but Irish director John Crowley (he did 2015’s brilliant love film Brooklyn) has risen to the challenge
Get excited about: Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins working with Oscar-winning actor Nicole Kidman and the cool young stars of Baby Driver and Stranger Things
How to get a friend to go: You normally have to wait until December to see the Oscar-worthy films. See this and start feeling cool and smart two months early.

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The biggest films of summer 2019 Downton Abbey